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Take control of your health care

From preventative medicine to finding the best possible treatment when you're sick.

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Get the answers you need when you need them through your browser or mobile device.


Symcat's straightforward design and simple interview questions make finding the right care an easy step-by-step process.


Symcat analyzes over 60 million health records from 40+ datasets giving you personalized health information.

The team

Craig Monsen


David Do


Kyle Foreman


Matt Daniels


Brian Rayburn


What people are saying about Symcat

  • "Great idea and smart execution! I liked the concept when I first read about it and even more after trying it. Have recommended to friends"

    - Lisa / Albany OR
  • "I am one of those people who run to the internet when I feel sick, Symcat has made it easier for me to find out exactly what I am suffering from and how to deal with it. Will always use the app henceforth"

    Jacquie / Salt Lake City, UT
  • "Terrific app, very dependable and the most accurate symptom checker on the web. I can see the accuracy improving with time. Keep it up!"

    Stefan / London, UK
  • "I first found Symcat on Twitter and have been hooked ever since. I am a very healthy person and as such don't really use the app as a symptom checker, I am mainly using it to learn more about various symptoms and health conditions in their database. Fantastic resource. Thanks guys!"

    Kat / Rockville, MD
  • "What I like most about this site is how easy it is to use. I can just come there, enter my symptom, answer few questions and and there, my diagnosis. I will tell people about this for sure"

    Michelle / Jackson, NJ

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  • 483 Broadway, New York, NY 10028
  • info@symcat.com
  • 914.500.8637
  • http://www.symcat.com