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Stiffness all over
Either pain when moving or inability to move all joints of the body (e.g. knees, elbows, ankles, wrist, knuckles, shoulders, hips, spine) to the normal degree in all the usual directions of movement
Stomach bloating
Swelling or increase in the size of the belly, typically due to gas; symptoms include a feeling of fullness or tightness of the belly, pain, or gas
Stuttering or stammering
A speech problem in which the flow of speech is interrupted by unwanted repetition of certain sounds or words and by unwanted periods of silence in which it is difficult to produce the desired sounds or words
Suprapubic pain
Pain felt internally in the "crotch region;" pain is typically worsened when pressing down just above the bone you can feel a few inches above the genitals
Excessive sweating that is not usual for you based on the circumstances (e.g. cold sweats, drenched clothing with mild activity, night sweats)
Swelling of scrotum
Swelling within the scrotum (commonly known as the "ball sack"); area may be enlarged, red, warm, or throbbing, and the skin of the scrotum may feel stretched
Swollen abdomen
Enlargement of the abdomen or "belly", often with feeling of tightness or bloating in the area
Swollen eye
Also known as "puffy eyes", this is a swelling and enlargement of tissues around the eye (not the eyeball itself), such as the eyelid and eye socket; the area may also be red, dark, or itchy
Swollen lymph nodes
Enlargement of the lymph nodes (small round organs found behind the ears, under the jaw, on either side of the neck, above the collarbone, in the armpits, or in the groin)
Swollen or red tonsils
Enlargement or redness of the tonsils (small collections of tissue found on either side of the back of the throat at the root of the tongue)
Swollen tongue
Enlargement of the size of the tongue; may be noticed as less space in the mouth, or if severe, difficulty speaking, swallowing, or even breathing
Symptoms of bladder
Any problems arising from the bladder, potentially including lower abdominal pain, frequent urges to urinate, difficulty emptying the bladder, urinating unintentionally, blood in the urine, etc.
Symptoms of eye
Any problems in or around the eyes, including: lost, decreased, or blurry vision; redness or itching; swelling or pain; cloudy areas in the lens; dry eyes; seeing spots; etc.
Symptoms of infants
Any new symptoms in a baby less than 1 year old, including crying despite attempts to console, increased sleepiness, spitting up food, fever, runny nose, change in urination or bowel movements, etc.
Symptoms of prostate
Any new problems relating to the prostate (internal sexual gland in men), including difficulty urinating or dribbling at end of urination, pain when urinating or ejaculating, blood in urine or ejaculate, erectile dysfunction, or pelvic pain
Symptoms of scrotum and testes
Symptoms of the anus
Any new problems with the anus, including redness, itchiness, pain, pressure, feeling of fullness, lumps, cuts, growths or warts, bleeding, inability to hold bowels, etc.
Symptoms of the breast
Any new problems relating to the breast, including lumps, discharge, redness or itchiness, pain, or swelling
Symptoms of the face
Any new change in feeling or function of the face, including pain, weakness or facial droop, numbness or tingling, rash or other skin problem, etc.
Symptoms of the female reproductive system
Any problems with a woman's external genitalia or internal sex organs; these include changes in menstrual cycle (i.e. "the period"), rash or sores on the external genitalia, vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, inability to conceive, etc.
Symptoms of the jaw
Symptoms of the kidneys
Common problems caused by kidney issues include changes in urine frequency or appearance (e.g. color, smell) or pain in the sides or back
Symptoms of the lips
Symptoms of the scrotum and testes
Any problems related to the scrotum (i.e. the "ball sack") or testes (i.e. the "balls"), including pain, swelling, lumps, redness, itchiness, etc.
Symptoms of the skin
Any new problems related to the skin, including rashes, color change, itchiness, pain, bumps, texture change, peeling, scaling, oiliness, blisters, growths, etc.
Teeth and gum problems
Temper problems
A recent increase in feelings of anger, frustration, or irritability (either in response to situations that should not warrant it, or excessively in response to situations that do warrant it)
A recent increase in desire or a craving to drink fluids (e.g. water, lemonade) despite having already drunk normal amounts of fluids
Throat feels tight
Feeling of pressure, tightness, or squeezing in the throat, often described as "not being able to breath" or "throat closing up"
Throat irritation
An unpleasant, though typically non-painful, feeling in the throat that may be described as a dry cough, scratchy feeling in the back of the throat, or the feeling of a lump or something stuck in the back of the throat
Throat redness
Any increased redness of color seen in the back of the throat when looking through the mouth; may be associated with sore throat, cough, swelling, or pus
Throat swelling
Fluid retention causing expansion of the tissues of the neck and throat, often rapidly, leading to feeling of choking or inability to breathe
Throat symptoms
A compulsive habit of placing the thumb or other fingers in the mouth and repeatedly sucking; typically stops by age 5
Tongue bleeding
Any bleeding coming from the tongue, either in large quantities or noticed after spitting out water
Tongue lesions
Any change in a specific area of the surface of the tongue, including sores or ulcers, blisters, white spots or areas, cuts, growths, bumps, nodules, areas or raised skin, etc.
Tongue pain
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy, burning) felt in or on the tongue
Too little hair
Loss or thinning of hair on the scalp or body
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt either in a tooth or in the gums or jaw surrounding a tooth
A person's body weight being significantly below normal for their given age and height; in adults, this may be calculated as a BMI under 18.5 (using online calculators) in adults or using growth charts for children
Unpredictable menstruation
A woman's menstrual period (i.e. "the period") occurring at seemingly random, unpredictable times rather than following the typical pattern of recurring every 25-35 days
Unusual color or odor to urine
Any recent change in the usual color (urine is typically pale yellow to deep amber) or odor (e.g. sweet smelling, pungent) of urine
Unwanted hair
Any hair growth in an area that is undesirable and out of the ordinary (e.g. dark, thick hair on the face or chest of a woman)
Upper abdominal pain
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt inside of you, beneath the rib cage and above the belly button
Uterine contractions
During pregnancy, a feeling of hardness in the belly that comes and goes due to tensing of uterine muscles, often in a wave-like pattern; may be normal or a sign of upcoming childbirth
Vaginal bleeding
Any bleeding from the vagina that is not the same as your normal "period" or "menstrual cycle"; blood found on underwear may often be due to vaginal bleeding
Vaginal bleeding after menopause
Any bleeding (including light spotting) occurring after menopause (defined as going 12 months in a row with no vaginal bleeding)
Vaginal bleeding after sex
Any blood coming from the vagina after or during penetrative sexual activity when not menstruating or "having your period"
Vaginal discharge
Any non-bloody fluid originating from the vagina that is not typical for you, including fluid that is thick and white, green and frothy, bad smelling, or thin and grey
Vaginal dryness
A feeling of dryness in or around the vagina, often noticed as itching, stinging, or burning in the vaginal opening; or as pain or lack of lubrication during sexual activity
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