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Bleeding from the nose to the point of dripping (not streaks of blood or dried blood that could be due to a small scratch inside the nose); may also come out as clots (appear as clumps of solid red or black jelly) of blood
Nose deformity
A major change in the shape of the nose compared to the average shape of noses; may be born with it (e.g. deviated septum) or acquire it later (e.g. crooked nose after breaking it)
Nose symptoms
Any new problems relating to the nose, including bleeding, runny nose, pain or swelling, misshapenness, congestion or blocked feeling, numbness or tingling, redness or itchiness, etc.
Obsessions and compulsions
Obsessions are intrusive thoughts, fears, or worries that preoccupy a person and outweigh other thoughts; compulsions are time-consuming, unnecessary, repetitive behaviors (e.g. washing hands, counting)
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy, burning) felt anywhere in the body
Pain during intercourse
Recurrent pain in the genitals, pelvis, lower belly, or lower back, in either men or women, immediately before, during, or immediately after sexual intercourse
Pain during pregnancy
Any unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt in the belly, pelvis, or back during pregnancy
Painful menstruation
A new or unusually unpleasant feeling or discomfort occurring in the lower belly, back, or pelvis during menstrual periods (i.e. "the period), often described as bloating, achy, crampy, or even sharp pain
Painful prostate
Pain originating from the prostate (an internal sexual structure in men); often noticed as pain when urinating or ejaculating; pain in the belly, groin, or lower back; or pain in the area between the penis and the anus
Painful sinuses
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (often dull, throbbing, achy, or pressure-like) felt anywhere in the face, from the cheeks to the forehead
Painful urination
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (often burning) felt during urination (often in the genitals or internally behind the pubic bone)
Pain in eye
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt in the eye or eye socket. Often feels worse with eye movement or when focusing on objects
Pain in gums
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt in the gums (soft tissue surrounding teeth); gums may be red or swollen as well
Pain in testicles
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt inside of the scrotum (commonly known as the "ball sack")
Pain of the anus
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt outside or inside of the anus, often worse during or after bowel movements
Pain or soreness of breast
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt in or on the breast (in men or women), either on its own or when lightly pressing on it
A recent loss of color to the skin (especially on the face, lining of the eyes, or nail beds) leading to an unnaturally pale complexion
The feeling that your heart is beating with an abnormal rhythm, skipping a beat, fluttering, or beating too hard or fast; this may be felt in the chest or neck
When a part of your body feels as though it has "fallen asleep;" this typically means disruption or damage to some of the nerves. The symptom may be completely temporary or permanent depending on the process underlying it.
Pelvic pain
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt internally in the middle of the lowest portion of the belly or in the "crotch region"
Pelvic pressure
Discomfort in the pelvis or lower belly that feels like pressure, heaviness, fullness, or bloating
Pelvic symptoms
Any new problems related to the pelvis (area inside of the hips); often refers specifically to problems with the female sex organs, including pain, feeling of pressure, sores or lumps, irregular menses, discharge, bladder or bowel incontinence, etc.
Penile discharge
Dripping of fluid from the tip of the penis that is not urine or semen
Penis pain
Any unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy, burning) arising from the penis; commonly from skin lesions, during erections, or during urination
Penis redness
Any increased redness of skin color either on the shaft or the tip of the penis; may be associated with itching, often due to an infection
Penis symptoms
Any new problems related to the penis, including erectile dysfunction, pain, rash, blisters, growths, misshapenness, erection that won't go away, etc.
Peripheral edema
Swelling under the skin of the legs, ankles, feet, arms, wrists, or hands; skin often feels stretched and a white imprint may remain temporarily when you press down on the skin
Plugged feeling in ear
Feeling as though something is blocking the ear passage or that there is pressure in the ear; often due to ear wax, infection, allergies, or pressure changes; hearing may be impaired on that side.
Increased amount of urine produced over the past day or longer; may notice increased frequency of urination, increased amount of urine when urinating, frequently waking from sleep to urinate, light or clear urine, etc.
Poor circulation
Any symptoms caused by poor circulation of blood, including cold feet or hands, numbness in feet or hands, hair loss on toes or fingers, paleness or blueness in feet or hands, etc.
Postpartum problems of the breast
Any symptoms related to the breast in the 6 month period after birth, including pain, redness or swelling of nipple or breast, or abnormal non-milk discharge from the breast
Posture problems
Any issues relating to posture, including inability to sit or stand upright due to weakness, pain, or lack of balance
Premature ejaculation
When a man regularly ejaculates during sexual activity before either he or his partner desire, often defined as within one minute of penetration
Premenstrual tension or irritability
Feeling of irritability, unhappiness, stress, anxiety, mood swings, or changes in sex drive occurring within the 10 days before periods but not occurring for at least a week after periods
Preoccupation with sex
Dysfunctional and recurrent sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors leading to pursuit of casual sex, pornography, strip clubs, online or telephone sex, or compulsive masturbation
Problems during pregnancy
Any health complications related to pregnancy experienced during pregnancy (including, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, maternal high blood pressure, early labor, vaginal bleeding)
Problems with lymph nodes (glands)
Any symptoms relating to lymph nodes (small round organs found behind the ears, under the jaw, on either side of the neck, above the collarbone, in the armpits, or in the groin), such as swelling or tenderness
Problems with movement
Any problem with movement, including slowed movement, poor balance, difficulty walking, muscles tensing up abnormally, and sudden jerks
Problems with orgasm
Difficulty reaching or inability to reach sexual climax during sexual activity, in men or women, despite adequate stimulation
Problems with shape or size of breast
Any recent change in the shape or size of breasts (in men or women), including enlargement, shrinking, one breast being a different shape or size than the other, etc.
Problem with voice
Prostate symptoms
The prostate (from Greek προστάτης – prostates, literally "one who stands before", "protector", "guardian") is a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland of the male reproductive system in most mammals. It differs considerably ...
Psychological and mental symptoms
Psychosexual disorders
Any changes in sexual function not caused by an underlying medical problem; this includes paraphilias (arousal by unusual objects, situations, or individuals), gender identity disorders, and problems with sexual arousal or ability to achieve sexual satisfaction
Pulling at ears
When small children or people with speech or mental difficulties tug at their ear lobes; this sometimes means the person is having ear pain or discomfort
Pupils unequal
The pupil (the central black area of the eyeball that is surrounded by a colored area) of one eye appearing larger or smaller than the other
Pus draining from ear
Thick, white-yellow fluid coming from either the outside of the ears or within the ear canal
Pus in sputum
Thick, white-yellow, often foul-smelling fluid found in sputum or phlegm that is either coughed up or sneezed out
Pus in urine
Thick, sticky, white-yellow, often foul-smelling fluid found in urine
Recent pregnancy
Having been pregnant any time within the previous six months
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