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Allergic reaction
The immune system abnormally responding to something you ate, touched, or were bitten by; typically appears as skin rash, runny nose, itchiness, red or swollen eyes, throat swelling, etc.
Bleeding from eye
Any blood either coming out of the eye socket and dripping down the face or within the eyeball itself
Lack of vision or inability to see, either totally (no perception of light) or partially (able to see some blurred light but not discrete objects), either in all or part of your field of vision
Breathing fast
A feeling that breathing is more rapid than usual when at rest; by definition taking in more than 20 breaths per minute
Decreased heart rate
Feeling a heartbeat or pulse that is slower than usual. By definition, a heartbeat under 60 beats per minute is slow (though not necessarily dangerous)
Delusions or hallucinations
Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that others cannot or that do not exist (e.g. hearing voices); or, having strong beliefs that no one else believes (e.g. people out to get you, people reading your thoughts)
Depressive or psychotic symptoms
A long-standing feeling of lowered mood (e.g. "sad" or "worthless") or elevated mood (e.g. "giddy" or "on top of the world"), as well as strange (e.g. seeing or hearing things that others don't) or disordered thoughts
Difficulty breathing
Often described as "shortness of breath," this is the feeling of not getting enough air and needing to breath harder or faster, sometimes accompanied by sounds such as wheezing
Often difficult to describe, dizziness may be a feeling of lightheartedness, instability, "head spinning," "room spinning," or loss of balance
Double vision
Perceiving a single object in the field of vision as two separate objects either overlapping or next to each other
Eye moves abnormally
Any change in eye movements, including "ticking" when moving eyes in a specific direction, both eyes not being properly aligned with each other, or easy fatigue when moving eyes
A brief loss of consciousness (i.e. "passing out"); fainting is usually the end result of not enough blood reaching the brain, the cause of which may vary
Focal weakness
A decrease or lack of muscle strength in a specific area of the body (e.g. left leg, half of the face drooping, etc.)
Irregular heartbeat
The feeling that your heart is fluttering, skipping a beat, or beating either too hard, too fast, or with an abnormal rhythm; this may be felt on its own or when checking your pulse or putting a hand on your chest
Irritable infant
A young child that is more fussy or whiny than usual despite attempts to comfort him or her
A newly yellow appearance of the skin or whites of the eyes
Kidney mass
Abnormal collection of tissue originating from the kidney may sometimes be felt as a lump when pressing on the side or lower back
Low urine output
Decreased amount of urine produced over the past day or longer; may notice decreased frequency of urination, decreased amount of urine when urinating, or very dark yellow urine
Dark or black, thick, and sticky appearing stool that is often foul smelling and associated with certain types of bleeding; often described as looking like tar
Pain during pregnancy
Any unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt in the belly, pelvis, or back during pregnancy
Painful urination
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (often burning) felt during urination (often in the genitals or internally behind the pubic bone)
Pain in eye
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt in the eye or eye socket. Often feels worse with eye movement or when focusing on objects
Pain in testicles
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt inside of the scrotum (commonly known as the "ball sack")
Problems during pregnancy
Any health complications related to pregnancy experienced during pregnancy (including, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, maternal high blood pressure, early labor, vaginal bleeding)
Pupils unequal
The pupil (the central black area of the eyeball that is surrounded by a colored area) of one eye appearing larger or smaller than the other
Caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, seizures often present as a blackout along with uncontrollable shaking, stiffness, or jerking of part or all of the body, though symptoms may vary widely
Sensory disturbance
Unpleasant or unusual sensations felt on the body (e.g. tingling, numbness, crawling, "pins and needles," electric sensation) or changes in smell or taste (e.g. loss of smell or taste, or regularly experiencing unusual smells or tastes)
Sharp chest pain
An unpleasant, sharp or piercing feeling, felt internally in the area within the rib cage
Shortness of breath
A feeling of not getting enough air or breathing unusually fast for the level of activity in which you are currently engaged (e.g. severely out of breath after climbing just a few stairs)
Slurring words
Difficulty controlling or weakness in the muscles of speech leading to slow speech or speaking unclearly with sounds running into each other
Spots or clouds in vision
Also known as "floaters", these are see-through circles or blobs that overlie whatever you are seeing; they often move around
Spotting or bleeding during pregnancy
Light bleeding from the vagina that is not during or different than your usual menstrual periods; may often appear as small pink or brown stains on underwear or pad
Throat feels tight
Feeling of pressure, tightness, or squeezing in the throat, often described as "not being able to breath" or "throat closing up"
Throat swelling
Fluid retention causing expansion of the tissues of the neck and throat, often rapidly, leading to feeling of choking or inability to breathe
Uterine contractions
During pregnancy, a feeling of hardness in the belly that comes and goes due to tensing of uterine muscles, often in a wave-like pattern; may be normal or a sign of upcoming childbirth
Vaginal bleeding
Any bleeding from the vagina that is not the same as your normal "period" or "menstrual cycle"; blood found on underwear may often be due to vaginal bleeding
Visual disturbance
Any recent change in normal sight, including double vision, blurred vision, tunnel vision, partial or total blindness, colorblindness; or seeing unusual objects in your visual field, such as halos, bright dots, translucent waves, zig-zags, etc.
Vomiting blood
Vomiting (i.e. "puking" or "throwing up") up stomach contents that are either fully blood, streaked with blood, containing clots of blood (appear as clumps of solid red or black jelly), or have the appearance of coffee grounds
A prolonged, hoarse, often whistling-like sound occurring each time you breath in or out; common in asthma
White discharge from eye
White fluid coming from the eye socket, either coating the eyeball or dripping out of the eye socket
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