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Drug abuse
Continuing to use drugs (alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, prescription, heroin) despite it causing problems in your life (e.g. arrests, problems in your career or relationships, health)
Dry lips
A condition in which the skin of the lips loses moisture and begins to crack, flake, or peel; common symptoms include: lips feeling tight, lips cracking, burning or pain, etc.
Dry or flaky scalp
Also known as dandruff, scalp may be: dry, itchy, and flaking; red, greasy, itchy, scaling, and flaking; covered in thick silvery scales; or red, swollen, crusty, and itchy
Difficulty with learning to read or write despite normal intelligence; examples include reading words in the wrong order, skipping prepositions when reading, adding or deleting letters when spelling, mispronouncing words, etc.
Early or late onset of menopause
A complete stop to menstruation (i.e. "the period") for an entire year occurring before age 40 or having not occurred by age 60
Ear pain
Also referred to as "earache," this is an unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. pounding, pressure, throbbing, sharp, achy) originating from the ear (either felt to be inside the ear or outside)
Ear symptoms
Any unusual feeling in the ear, including pain, pressure, or clogging
Elbow cramps or spasms
A sudden, non-purposeful tensing of muscles in the elbows that lasts a short period of time and then goes away, sometimes leading to brief but severe pain
Elbow lump or mass
Any abnormal collection of tissue originating from the elbow; may appear as a defined lump inside of the elbow when pressing down, or one elbow appearing bigger than the other
Elbow pain
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt between the arm and forearm; pain is often worse with movement at the joint
Elbow stiffness or tightness
Either pain when moving or inability to move elbows to the normal degree in all the usual directions of movement
Elbow swelling
Enlargement of the elbow joint due to fluid buildup; the area may be red, warm, throbbing, or pressure-like; swelling may be inside the elbow joint or in the surrounding tissues
Elbow symptoms
Any new change in feeling or function of the elbows, including pain or soreness, weakness, numbness, tingling, swelling, redness, itching, warmth, etc.
Elbow weakness
A recent decrease in muscle strength in the elbow; may be noticed as tiring out when flexing or unflexing the arm at the elbow, often during activities like tennis or golf
Emotional symptoms
Any recent change in emotional state, including mood swings, decreased mood or depression, elevated mood or euphoria, anger or irritation, etc.
Enlarged prostate
Enlargement of the prostate (internal sexual structure in men) often presents as weak urinary stream, frequent urge to urinate, difficulty starting urination or frequent starts and stops while urinating, and/or dribbling at the end of urination
Excessive anger
A recent increase in feelings of anger, frustration, or irritability (either in response to situations that should not warrant it, or excessively in response to situations that do warrant it), often exhibited by outbursts of anger
Excessive appetite
A recently increased desire to eat or lack of fullness after eating
Excessive growth
Any unusual or exaggerated increase in height in a child or young adult
Excessive masturbation
Preoccupation with masturbation that interferes with your life (e.g. work or relationships); signs include masturbating numerous times in a row as escape from life, avoiding sex with your partner to masturbate, regularly skipping out on responsibilities to masturbate, etc.
Excessive urination at night
Waking up two or more times in the middle of the night in order to urinate
Eye burns or stings
An unpleasant feeling of stinging or burning originating from the eyes, often accompanied by itchiness
Eye deviation
The eyes not being aligned with each other when looking at an object (one eye may be looking at the object while the other eye may be looking somewhere else); may cause double vision
Eye discharge
Excess or unusual fluid oozing from the eye (other than normal tears during crying and normal crustiness when waking); may be clear and tear-like, bloody, cloudy, or yellow and sticky
Eyelid lesion or rash
Any change in the skin of the eyelid, including a color change, texture change, bump, blister, or growth. May be itchy, warm, or painful
Eyelid retracted
The upper or lower eyelids moving further upwards or downwards, respectively, leading to an increased visibility of the eyeball itself (may be noticed as the whites of the eyes being increasingly visible above and below the colored portion)
Eyelid swelling
Increased size of all or part of the eyelid; may be due to swelling of the skin (may feel tight and puffy, red, warm, or throbbing) or from lumps inside of the eyelid felt when pressing down
Eye moves abnormally
Any change in eye movements, including "ticking" when moving eyes in a specific direction, both eyes not being properly aligned with each other, or easy fatigue when moving eyes
Eye protrusion
Forward bulging of one or both eyeballs from the eye socket
Eye redness
Increased redness in the white part of the eye. The redness is often due to enlarged blood vessels
Eye strain
Feeling of tired or sore eyes after extensive use (e.g. reading, driving, or working on a computer); symptoms include watery or dry eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and difficulty focusing
Eye symptoms
Facial pain
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt anywhere on the front side of the head, including the forehead, cheeks, and jaw
A brief loss of consciousness (i.e. "passing out"); fainting is usually the end result of not enough blood reaching the brain, the cause of which may vary
A feeling throughout the entire body of weakness, lack of energy, malaise, tiredness, exhaustion, or lethargy
Fears and phobias
A fear of or anxiety about a particular object or situation that does not go away, leading to avoidance; this fear is typically more than what would be expected from the actual threat
Feeling cold
Feeling of coldness felt throughout the body, even at rest, despite outside temperature being mild
Feeling hot
A feeling of warmth felt throughout the body, even at rest, despite outside temperature being mild
Feeling hot and cold
Feeling of alternating coldness and warmness felt throughout the body despite outside temperature being mild
Feeling ill
Often referred to as "feeling sick" or "feeling out of it"; an uncomfortable feeling throughout most of the body, such as fatigue, tiredness, decreased energy, weakness, or feeling lightheaded or woozy
Feet turned in
Condition in which the feet and toes point inwards (towards each other) when walking (rather than pointing straight)
A high body temperature above 101 °F. Fever is commonly in response to infection, but may also be due to autoimmune diseases, drugs, or cancers
Feeling of being bloated due to buildup of gas in the bowels, leading to gas being expelled through the anus (commonly known as "breaking wind" or "farting")
Fluid abnormality
Fluid in ear
Either the feeling of wetness or fullness inside of the ear or actual liquid discharge coming from the ears
Fluid retention
Holding on to too much water in the body, often causing symptoms such as swelling of the legs, ankles, feet, or belly, as well as cough and shortness of breath
Flu-like syndrome
Having multiple symptoms similar to influenza, including fever, muscle aches, fatigue, cough, runny nose, sore throat, headache, chills, nausea/vomiting, and loss of appetite
The skin on the face or upper chest feeling warm or changing color to pink, red, or purple, lasting anywhere from minutes to hours (except for normal blushing when embarrassed or stressed)
Focal weakness
A decrease or lack of muscle strength in a specific area of the body (e.g. left leg, half of the face drooping, etc.)
Foot and toe symptoms
Any changes in the feeling, function, or appearance of the feet or toes, including pain or soreness, weakness, numbness, tingling, misshappenness, enlargement, swelling, redness, itching, warmth, etc.
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