“Why can't we use data to make better health decisions?”

Now we can

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About Symcat

Symcat is a next generation web and mobile symptom checker. Unlike other web resources, Symcat calculates symptom-disease frequencies from half a million patient records and presents personalized health statistics in real-time. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the app ranks the most likely medical conditions for your symptoms and suggests care alternatives based on triage guidelines from AHRQ. It further provides home care instructions, facilitates appointment scheduling, and maps nearby urgent care and emergency rooms.

Symcat will continue to improve through crowd-sourcing of home care instructions and diagnosis information. It will also incorporate user reviews of medical providers as well as care cost information. The ultimate aim is to create a community whereby patients who have experienced concerning symptoms can easily help others like themselves much like PatientsLikeMe does for those suffering chronic conditions.

Why “Symcat”

Symcat stands for “SYMptom-based, Computer-Assisted Triage.” We tried to get that domain name, but it was already taken.

Founding Story

Craig and David met in 2008 as anatomy lab partners at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. They quickly bonded over their shared passion for engineering projects: Craig had previously built an electronic stethoscope for diagnosing heart disease whereas David had designed a handheld “person detector” for the visually-impaired. During medical school, they began working on several side-projects together including software to extract information from electronic medical records for research, a web-based fitness tracking system, and a student portal now used widely within the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Symcat represents the latest of their projects and originated as a way for medical students to learn how to prioritize diagnoses. Craig and David quickly realized that those outside medicine stand even more to gain from an easy-to-use informational service that incorporates many of the same algorithms clinicians use to make decisions. Encouraged by feedback from faculty and advisors at Hopkins, Craig and David took a leave from medical school and were accepted into Blueprint Health, a TechStars-affiliated health startup accelerator that provides funding and mentorship.

About Blueprint Health


Blueprint Health is a startup accelerator based in New York City that helps entrepreneurs improve the health and wellness industry. It offers an intensive three-month program and provides $20,000 of seed capital, extensive mentorship and a shared work environment to help entrepreneurs go from idea to prototype and provide access to angel and venture capital investors.

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