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Also known as Oxytrol and Anturol

Oxybutynin (Ditropan, Lyrinel XL, Lenditro (South Africa)) is an anticholinergic medication used to relieve urinary and bladder difficulties, including frequent urination and inability to control urination (urge incontinence), by decreasing muscle spasms of the bladder. It competitively antagonizes the M1, M2, and M3 subtypes of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor. It also has direct spasmolytic effects on bladder smooth muscle as a calcium antagonist and local anesthetic, but at concentrations far above those used clinically. It is available orally in generic formulation or as the brand-names Ditropan, Lyrinel XL, or Ditrospam, as a transdermal patch under the brand name Oxytrol, and as a topical gel under the brand name Gelnique.

Source: Wikipedia

Estimated Total Cost: $37.32 for an average of 28 days supply

What is it prescribed for?

Patients are most commonly prescribed oxybutynin to treat involuntary urination, frequent urination, multiple sclerosis, and spina bifida.

What drug interactions are known?

Do not take oxybutynin if you are taking any of the following:

Critical Interactions

Significant Interactions

What side effects are related?

Patients taking oxybutynin most commonly experience side effects like itching of skin, itching of unknown cause, and mouth dryness.

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