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Also known as Uniretic 15/12.5, Uniretic 7.5/12.5, Uniretic 15/25, and Univasc

Moexipril hydrochloride is a potent orally active non-sulfhydryl angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE) which is used for the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure. Moexipril can be administered alone or together with other antihypertensives or diuretics. It works by inhibiting the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. Moexipril is available from Schwarz'Pharma under the trade name Univasc.

Source: Wikipedia

Estimated Total Cost: $30.16 for an average of 28 days supply

What is it prescribed for?

Patients are most commonly prescribed moexipril to treat high blood pressure, spinal stenosis, rabies, and pick disease.

What side effects are related?

Patients taking moexipril most commonly experience side effects like cough and fatigue.

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