General Information

A hospital in Georgiana, AL

Address: 399 Miranda Ave Georgiana, AL 36033
Referral Region: Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 376-2205
Provider Type:Acute Care Hospitals


Georgiana Hospital is [above/below/near] the national average in terms of...




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These are the prices Georgiana Hospital charges Medicare and Medicaid for common treatments on average. Your cost will vary based on insurance coverage and the specific services you require.

TreatmentAverage PriceCompared to National
Asthma$3,113Very Cheap
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)$5,878Very Cheap
Gastritis$4,848Very Cheap
Heart failure$5,312Very Cheap
Metabolic disorder$4,031Very Cheap
Pneumonia$6,955Very Cheap
Pyogenic skin infection$6,238Very Cheap
Sharp chest pain$4,868Very Cheap
Transient ischemic attack$5,062Very Cheap
Urinary tract infection$4,571Very Cheap

Common Procedures

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Quality of Care

Georgiana Hospital is [above/below/near] the national average in terms of...

Readmission Rates

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