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A hospital in Valley, AL

Address: 4802 48th St Valley, AL 36854
Referral Region: Birmingham, AL
Phone: (334) 756-1400
Provider Type:Acute Care Hospitals


George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital is [above/below/near] the national average in terms of...

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These are the prices George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital charges Medicare and Medicaid for common treatments on average. Your cost will vary based on insurance coverage and the specific services you require.

TreatmentAverage PriceCompared to National
Acute kidney injury$10,689Very Cheap
Arrhythmia$7,608Very Cheap
Arthroplasty knee$28,382Very Cheap
Asthma$5,716Very Cheap
Back pain$9,242Very Cheap
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)$9,072Very Cheap
Coronary atherosclerosis$15,041Very Cheap
Diabetes$6,870Very Cheap
Fainting$6,892Very Cheap
Gastritis$8,559Very Cheap
Gastrointestinal hemorrhage$8,978Very Cheap
Heart attack$15,098Very Cheap
Heart failure$11,434Very Cheap
Intestinal obstruction$6,548Very Cheap
Malignant hypertension$6,086Very Cheap
Metabolic disorder$5,805Very Cheap
Peripheral nerve disorder$8,198Very Cheap
Pneumonia$14,232Very Cheap
Pulmonary embolism$11,195Very Cheap
Sepsis$16,862Very Cheap
Sharp chest pain$7,274Very Cheap
Stroke$14,836Very Cheap
Urinary tract infection$7,638Very Cheap

Common Procedures

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George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital is [above/below/near] the national average in terms of...

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