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Inflammation of the vagina, often in conjunction with the vulva (external tissues). Commonly, it is due to bacterial overgrowth, candida (fungus), or trichomoniasis. Only the latter is sexually transmitted.
Vaginal cyst
A collection of fluid in a tissue pocket of the vagina. Cysts can form in old embryological structures (Gartner's cyst) or in glands (Bartholin gland cyst). Minor impact (e.g. tampon insertion) may also lead to cyst formation in the vaginal wall.
Vaginal pain
An unpleasant feeling or discomfort (e.g. throbbing, sharp, achy) felt either inside of the vagina or in the area surrounding the vagina (i.e. the vulva, also called the "vaginal lips")
Vaginal itching
A feeling or urge, that does not go away, to scratch or rub either inside of the vagina or the area surrounding the vagina (the vulva, also called the "vaginal lips")
Vaginal dryness
A feeling of dryness in or around the vagina, often noticed as itching, stinging, or burning in the vaginal opening; or as pain or lack of lubrication during sexual activity
Vaginal redness
An appearance of redness either inside of the vagina or the area surrounding the vagina (the vulva, also called the "vaginal lips")
Vaginal bleeding
Any bleeding from the vagina that is not the same as your normal "period" or "menstrual cycle"; blood found on underwear may often be due to vaginal bleeding
Vaginal symptoms
Any new change in feeling or function of the vagina, including redness, discharge or oozing, itchiness, swelling, pain, dryness, bulging, blisters or warts
Vaginal discharge
Any non-bloody fluid originating from the vagina that is not typical for you, including fluid that is thick and white, green and frothy, bad smelling, or thin and grey
Atrophic vaginitis
An inflammation of the vagina due to thinning of the tissues and decreased lubrication. This typically occurs due to lower levels of the hormone estrogen, for instance after menopause. It can lead to soreness, itching, and painful intercourse. It is treated with estrogen creams and lubrication.
Vaginal yeast infection
Also known as vaginal thrush, this is an overgrowth of a fungus that is naturally found in the vagina. It affects the majority of women at some point in their lives. The exact triggers for yeast infections are unknown, but they are typically not dangerous.
Vaginal bleeding after sex
Any blood coming from the vagina after or during penetrative sexual activity when not menstruating or "having your period"
Vaginal bleeding after menopause
Any bleeding (including light spotting) occurring after menopause (defined as going 12 months in a row with no vaginal bleeding)
Hysterectomy; abdominal and vaginal
Hysterectomy; abdominal and vaginal is rare, occurring 1 in 6131 users.
Benign vaginal discharge (leukorrhea)
A non-dangerous release of thick, white or yellow fluid from the vagina. This can occur normally with hormonal changes during a woman's menstrual cycle or during pregnancy. If the fluid has a darker color or foul odor, it may be due to an infection.
Repair of cystocele and rectocele; obliteration of vaginal vault

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