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Docusate (Colace)
Brand names: Citranatal Harmony, Nexa Select, and Prenexa Premier
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate or docusate sodium (INN, pron.: /ˈdɒkjuːseɪt/) – often referred to as DSS, Aerosol OT or AOT – is a common ingredient in consumer products, especially laxatives of the ...
Benzocaine / Docusate
Brand names: Peri-Colace and Casanthranol/Docusate
Casanthranol / Docusate is rare, occurring 1 in 7868 users.
Docusate / Phenolphthalein
Docusate / Phenolphthalein is very rare, occurring 1 in 94426 users.
Docusate / Sennosides, Usp
Docusate / Sennosides, Usp is rare, occurring 1 in 4817 users.
Docusate / Ferrous Fumarate

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