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Brand names: Lanoxin
A cardiotonic glycoside obtained mainly from Digitalis lanata; it consists of three sugars and the aglycone DIGOXIGENIN. Digoxin has positive inotropic and negative chronotropic activity. It is used to control ventricular rate in ATRIAL FIBRILLATION and in the management of congestive heart failure with atrial fibrillation. Its use in congestive heart failure and sinus rhythm is less certain. The margin between toxic and therapeutic doses is small. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p666)
Digoxin Antibodies Fab Fragments (Digibind)
Brand names: Digibind and Digifab
Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine) is the generic name for an antidote for overdose of digitalis. It is made from immunoglobulin fragments from sheep who have already been immunized with a digoxin ...

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