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A feeling of low mood that won't go away, often described as "sad," "empty, "hopeless," "helpless," or "worthless;" often accompanied by decreased energy and inability to feel pleasure
A feeling of profound sadness, guilt, hopelessness, lack of energy and/or worthlessness. Suicide risk is high during depressive episodes and may require emergent hospitalization.
Depression screen
Depression screen is very common, occurring 1 in 115 users.
history of depression
history of depression is very common, occurring 1 in 9 users.
Postpartum depression
Clinical depression affecting women (and sometimes men) within 12 months of childbirth. Though the cause is presently unknown, a variety of treatments including therapy, support groups, and medications have been shown to be effective.
Depressive or psychotic symptoms
A long-standing feeling of lowered mood (e.g. "sad" or "worthless") or elevated mood (e.g. "giddy" or "on top of the world"), as well as strange (e.g. seeing or hearing things that others don't) or disordered thoughts

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