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Commonly known as "pink eye," this an inflammation of the thin outer coating of the eyeballs. It is most often caused by a viral infection and does not require treatment. It can also be caused by bacterial infections, chemical irritants, allergies, etc.
Conjunctivitis due to virus
Commonly known as "pink eye," this is a viral infection of the thin membrane covering the eyeball and inside of the eyelids. The condition is contagious, but typically resolves on its own within two to three weeks. It does not require antibiotics.
Conjunctivitis due to allergy
An inflammation of the outer membrane of the eyeball due to allergies. An allergy is an abnormal reaction by the immune system to a normal substance (often particles in the air), leading to a predictable pattern of symptoms.
Conjunctivitis due to bacteria
Infection of the surface of the eye and inner lining of the eyelids. Most infections are pyogenic (pus-producing), but infections with Moraxella or Chlamydia may present without discharge. Gonorrheal infection is sight-threatening.

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